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About Conker: A level!

Hello everybody. This was an idea that spawned out of just seeing all of my notes piling up and thought that maybe somewhere someone might learn something from them. No harm in trying I guess

We are students from Cheshire, England currently doing our A levels. Our exams are near and I didn’t see any harm in revising through explaining.

Our aim for this website isn’t to make millions of moneys (although I wouldn’t mind if it did) but rather we see it as this. If one person finds our website and learns one thing that happens to be on the exam and they get that one extra mark that pushes them up a grade. Then I’d say we were successful.

We would higly appreciate any feedback we get and if you have anything you would like to contribute to the site, whether that would be a subject you do that we haven’t got I would love to expand the site to have all the A level courses. Unfortunately we barely have time to do the A levels we are sitting.

Tl;dr Please do get in touch.