• Type 1

    Type 2

    Immune system attacks the β-cells in the islet of Langerhans 

    Glycoprotein receptors on body cells lose responsiveness to inulin

    Insulin is not produced by the body

    Insulin is produced by the body, however cells do not respond to it. In some cases pancreas may become ineffective of producing insulin)

    Diagnosed typically in young people

    Diagnosed typically in adults

    Insulin Dependent

    Insulin independent

    Control of Diabetes

    Type 1

    Type 2

    Controlled by injections of insulin (must be injected due to being a protein it will get digested in alimentary canal)

    Controlled by regulating the intake of carbohydrates in diet and regular exercise

    Injected 2-4 times a day

    Can be supplemented by injections of inulin or drugs which stimulate insulin production

    Dosage must match to glucose intake

    Also can be supplemented by drugs which reduce rate of glucose uptake by cells from the intestine