• The inheritance of a characteristic controlled by a single gene

Monohybrid Crosses

  • Monohybrid Crosses show the likelihood of the different alleles of that gene (And therefore the different versions of the characteristics) being inherited by offspring of certain parents

e.g. The dominant allele (H) codes for ‘tall’ whereas the recessive allele (h) codes of “short”

Phenotypic Ratios

  • The ratio of different phenotypes in the offspring
  • Genetic diagrams can be used to predict this ration in F1 and F2 offspring
  • Commonly, two heterozygous parents give a 3:1 ratio of dominant: recessive characteristic in the offspring

Monohybrid Inheritance and Codominant Allele

  • In a codominant allele both genes are expressed
  • With two heterozygous parents involving codominant alleles it will commonly give a 1:2:1 ratio in the offspring#