Clinical Psychology

Grounded Theory

5.2.5 - Grounded Theory Grounded Theory Description Research is gathered about an area of interest and the theory emerges from ...
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Vallentine et al (2010) (Interviews in Clinical Psychology)

5.2.3 - The use of interviews in clinical psychology, to include an example study (Vallentine et al., 2010) The Use ...
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Lavarenne et al. (2013) (Example Case Study)

5.2.3 - The use of case studies, to include an example study (Lavarenne et al (2013) The Use of Case ...
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Rosenhan (1973)

5.3.1 - Rosenhan (1973) - On being sane in insane places Description (AO1) Aim To investigate whether psychiatrists could distinguish ...
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Psychological Treatment for Schizophrenia – Family Therapy

5.1.4 - A psychological treatment for schizophrenia - family therapy Description (AO1) Aims to help the whole family support the ...
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Classification Systems for Mental Health (DSM and ICD)

There are two classification systems which you need to know for the exam: the DSM and the ICD. Classification systems ...
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Diagnosing Mental Disorders

Diagnosis of Mental Disorders

The Four D's There isn't a clearly defined boundary between unusual behaviour and mental illness, what's considered a mental illness ...
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